Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Welcome to my first post

Hello There!!!!
I Thought to post few things here which will be beneficial to others. After all It is everybody's duty to give back something to the society. 

I have 20 years of software development Experience. Throughout this 2 decade long career I used OpenSource platform 99.999% of time. Rest fractional part is spent on old favourite MS-DOS (versions 3,5,6,6.2). I have learnt so many things from OpenSource Projects. So I started few open source projects back in 2007-2012. All my projects are hosted here

Besides software I also keep interest in Electronics(Hobby), Photography, Aero modelling and SWL(Radio listening). In this blog time to time I will post my experiments on these topics and few social concerns too. What ever is posted will be purely my personal experience. If any thing which is not my own is presented due credit will be given to the source.

This is all for now, stay tuned for more in future.

Thank you for your patience and visit.