Sunday, 12 May 2019

My Experience with Cyclone Fani

The extremely severe cyclonic storm #Fani recently visited Odisha. It is Peculiar to have a Cyclone in this time of year. Though history says earlier there are some cyclones hit Odisha coast during this summer season.
This Cyclone traveled a very long distance to destroy Odisha. This Cyclone originate near equator in Indian Ocean. it crossed east of Srilanka and gradually headed towards Tamilnadu. Without entering into Tamilnadu coast it headed northwards in Bay of Bengal. .

[Path Of Cyclone Fani]
It touched Land in the morning of 3rd May 2019 near Puri( rather On Lake Chilika). It devastated the surrounding. and proceed further to destroy Khurda, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

The Major damage it done is to the Lord Jagannath Temple at Puri. Several Stone carvings fell off from the temple The Age old banyan tree KalpaBata is severely damaged. Water sipped into the inner sanctum and deities were not worshiped.

I have seen several Cyclones including #1999SuperCyclone . Though Super cyclone has done a lot of damage, this one is no less. Wind speed of 200kmph with gust 220 to 250 kmph ripped everything in its path. major damages to infrastructures like power grids, cell towers under construction buildings are name a few.

In case of 1999SuperCyclone, Most of the trees are uprooted including several banyan trees. bent most of the electric poles. But this one ripped branches from trunks at some places trees are uprooted. in case of 1999SuperCyclone wind speed reached more than 300 kmph, but Fani reached upto 220 kmph maximum.

At Cuttack Wind started at 9am gradually intensified. Wind blew from North East direction till 1.30pm. Wind Direction suddenly changed due West. This wind caused major damage. 

My Preparedness

I was runner-up in that challenge. My preparation for Cyclone Fani was as per I have described. Well Not all. I have charged emergency light, arranged candles and lantern. Stocked Biscuits and Flat rice. Stored around 15Liters of drinking water. Emergency medicines and fully Charged 3 Baofeng Walkie Talkies. The GP5SSB I got as a gift from SWLINGPost, put new battery in it.   I have downed external antennae for HF and VHF. Baofeng handys are quite good as scanner. I monitored HAM band so I could know the situation in surrounding area and also if situation arises I could give a distress call to Nearby monitoring person. But that situation didn't arise. 

HAM volunteers from WBRC started their communication service since 5th May. They Have setup a VHF in state control room at Bhubaneswar, ADM office Puri and Khurda.
Since 5th may onward I was monitoring and in QSO with VU2IPL(Suresh). VU2FTP VU2XRY VU3YDA and VU3OXI are handling the communication between Puri, Khurda and Bhubaneswar. 

Going ahead
Gradually Normalcy return to Cuttack. water supply was restored from 6th may. And Electricity supply resumed in my locality on 8th May evening. 

Lessons Learnt 
"How much you be prepared for any natural calamity it is less."
My preparation was good no doubt. But the season is summer season. Every season have there advantage and disadvantages. Cyclone in summer brings very uncomfortable climate. Hot and Humid climate makes sweating like hell and dehydrates. So water stock should be more for a family of 8. 
Power backup is not sufficient. Hence a Solar power system or Genset is required to survive after effects of summer cyclones.


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  1. Hello This is VU3XRY (Arunava Dey ) From West Bengal Radio Club. It was a wonderful blog but I need to point in come correction. We Started our Operations from 4th May Post Noon the Communication was established between Puri and Bhubaneshwar and Khurdah a day after. Please make the necessary Corrections My Contact (9073374224) if you want any more updates you can call me.