Friday, 25 December 2015

ARSO info and my Winning of Virtual radio Challenge IV

Greetings for the Festive Season
Merry Christmas to all.

For the past few months I was busy. During these days some enthusiast HAMs and SWLs of Odisha,India came closer and unanimously decided to meet every Sunday afternoon. I am one of them.

As days passed few veteran HAMs suggested to start an association which will bring all the active inactive HAMs and SWLs Radio enthusiasts together. currently this association has a name "Amateur Radio Society of Odisha (ARSO)".

Recently ARSO Organised ASOL exam on 20th December 2015. Good number of candidates shown interest in appearing the exam. to be precise 21 candidates have filled up the form but 20 candidates could manage to come to the exam venue on specified date and time. out of these 20 candidates 12 candidates appeared for Restricted grade and 8 candidates for General grade.

ARSO has conducted extensive classes for aspirants at ARSO office for exam preparation. ARSO been instrumental for Theory(Technical and Procedure) and also for Morse practice.  I am thankful to ARSO to organize the Exam at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

The exam was conducted at OMC Auditorium, bhubaneswar. Examiner Mr. Panja from WPC conducted the Exam with supervision of Mr. Mallik, the Monitoring Officer stationed at Bhubaneswar. Senior HAMs OM Dilip Padhi(VU2DPI), OM Sameer Ranjan Panda (VU2AOR),  OM Priti Ranjan Mekap (VU3UFX), OM Rajesh Kumar(VU3PLP) and OM Gurudutta Panda(VU3GDP) encouraged the aspirants. At the end ARSO member Mr. Pankaj Bag sponsored a grand lunch to all who are present.

In future ARSO has promised to conduct more such events. Thanks ARSO for your effort.

In the mean time I also have participated in a contest organised by Thomas of Swling post. Besides his Nice informative reviews on radio related subjects, he also conducts some interesting challenges. Recently he posted such a challenge, Virtual Radio challenge IV
The good news is that I am runner-up in this event and Mehdi's entry was the winner. For details please read the result page.

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