Wednesday, 6 January 2016

CountyComm GP-5/SSB receiver.

Yesterday I received a GP-5/SSB receiver from CountyComm with some other goodies as a prize for "Virtual Radio Challenge IV" at After a long time I am receiving a prize.. Hi Hi Hi...

This radio is not for those who listens music on FM bands. It is for the Radio Fans and Radio Enthusiasts. Besides normal AM and FM demodulation it has SSB capability too.

Tuning range 550KHz -1710KHz can be changed to 150KHz-1620KHz
SW tuning is 1711KHz to 29999KHz continuous. This is a bit problem as one has
to rotate the wheel ... But to ease these there is preset BC bands and HAM bands too. Simultaneously there is scanning feature and Manual Memory feature for station surfing. 
FM tuning 76MHz-108MHz or 87MHz-108MHz

FM audio quality is very good
AM audio quality is very good
SW audio is good but noise (though SW bands are noisy except night time)
SSB is good One has to change BFO shift for clarity and lesser noise.

Overall it is a Good to have radio.

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